There are 2 possibilities:

  1. Consultation in Antwerp:
    Patients can also visit the consultation at the GENDIA premises in Antwerp in order to have samples for NIPT taken, and receive a (free) genetic counselling.
    The genetic counseller will explain all the details about the NIPT test.
    Additionally, the genetic counseller will evaluate your personal or family history regarding congenital defects or genetic conditions in order to determine your risk to have, develop or transmit a genetic disease.
    You can make an apppointment for a consultation by email to:
    Please fill out the form from the website, print it out and bring it to the consultation.
  2. Sent a blood sample to Antwerp:
    You can also sent out blood to Antwerp. A special kit provided by GENDIA is required.
    When you or your physician are in need of a kit, please contact GENDIA.


A minimum of 20 ml of peripheral blood collected in special STRECK tubes is required. NEVER freeze blood specimens.
The samples should be delivered at room temperature in a special kit provided by GENDIA.


If you need kits, please contact GENDIA.

Submission forms

These forms must accompany samples.
To order a test from outside Belgium please fill out these forms.
To order a test from inside Belgium or the Netherlands you only have to fill out the sample submission form.


Always send samples with the submission forms by Express Mail at room temperature in the specific kit provided by GENDIA.
Please fill out the submission forms and sent those together with the sample.
The submission form and the agreement form should be inside the package, and the custom form outside of the package, and provide GENDIA’s telephone number (+ 32 3 3030801) beneath the address.

Please send all samples to:

Emiel Vloorsstraat 9
2020 Antwerp

Please contact GENDIA if you need more shipping information.

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